AACRL Sue O. Medina Significant Contribution Award

Sponsor: Alabama Association of College and Research Libraries

Award Title: AACRL Sue O. Medina Significant Contribution Award

Purpose: To recognize the achievements and significant contributions in the area of college and research libraries on the local, state, regional, national, or international level.

Frequency: This award will be presented annually during the yearly dinner/business meeting of AACRL. While it is anticipated that only one award will be presented in any given year, multiple awards may be made if the AACRL Board determines such action is warranted.

Eligibility: The award is open to all librarians, library faculty, paraprofessionals, other information professionals, or students enrolled in graduate library programs who work or reside in Alabama and who are associated with college, university, or research libraries. Additionally, this award may be presented to organizations, groups, vendors, or other individuals who have contributed something of significance within the state of Alabama in the area of college and research libraries.

Judging: Recipients will be determined by majority vote of the AACRL Board and from submitted nominations.

Nominations: Nominations must be submitted by March 15th to be considered for that year’s award. An announcement with guidelines for nominations will be included in the fall issue of the AACRL chapter newsletter. Nominations may be held over from a previous year and reconsidered for awarding. The Past President will receive and organize nominations to present to the Board. Guidelines for nomination will be listed. No application or nomination form will be used to allow for flexibility in the nomination process.

Qualifications: For individuals, must be residents of Alabama. Accomplishment for which being nominated must have occurred during residency.

Recipient will receive: Framed certificate

Previous Award Winners:
Lee Ketcham, 1997
Dr. Sue Medina, 2000
Marcia Boosinger, 2004
Kate Ragsdale, 2006
Jean Thomason, 2006
The faculty and staff of the Houghton Memorial Library of Huntingdon College, 2007
Jerry W. Stephens, Ph.D., 2008
Sonja McAbee, 2009
Aaron Trehub, 2010
Sue O. Medina, 2010
Glenn Anderson, 2011
Tim Dodge, 2012
Janice Franklin, Ph.D., 2013
Robert Burkhardt, Ph.D., 2014
Eric Kidwell, 2015
Rickey Best, 2019
Midge Coates, 2021
LeAndrae “Zeek” Graham, 2021