2018 AACRL Workshop: Professional Growth in Academic Librarianship

The Alabama Association of College & Research Libraries is hosting a one-day event, “Professional Growth in Academic Librarianship” on February 27, 2018 starting at 8:30 am. Held at Auburn University Montgomery Library in Montgomery, Alabama, event will discuss the importance of professional growth for academic librarians and how to practically communicate that growth through scholarly research, active professional service, and professional effectiveness, all very important for current academic librarians looking to advance, or hopeful academic librarians seeking jobs. We encourage anyone who is interested in this event to register as it is open to both AACRL members and non-AACRL members.

Participants will hear from Keynote Speakers Mary A. Duffy and Paula Webb, both of University of South Alabama, explain their research on southeastern academic libraries adherence to ACRL tenure and promotion standards. Duffy and Webb will also discuss the research findings, and the research’s culmination in their article, “Do Southeastern Public Universities Adhere to the ACRL Tenure and Promotion Standards” which was published in Vol. 58, No. 3 of the Journal of Library Administration.

Event attendees will also participate in professional growth learning sessions, interact with panelists about their professional growth journey, and have ample time to meet and connect with others interesting in developing their academic library career.

The registration fees listed below provide attendees with workshop packets, handouts, and other training material as well as a light breakfast, coffee & refreshments, and a full lunch buffet:

AACRL Members: $15.00
MLIS/MLS Students: $15.00
Non-AACRL Members: $20.00

For comfortable accommodation, attendance is limited to 25 attendees so REGISTER today! If you would like to attend in-person but are unable to, register as a Virtual Participant at no cost. Virtual Participants can livestream the event’s Keynote Speakers and future access to select training materials.

AACRL Webinar Series

The AACRL Webinar Series facilitates discussions between real librarians about real issues facing Alabama academic librarians today! AACRL webinars are free and open to all librarians and library school students.

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